Alternate Energys

Why Alternate Energys?

Alternate Energys has been installing geothermal heating systems throughout Wisconsin since 2004 while operating a sister company since 2002 installing conventional heating and cooling equipment. As of 2011, we have installed nearly 200 geothermal systems, all working and operating as anticipated.

We ask questions and really listen to you before we custom design a system to your family’s unique needs. We take the time to measure, calculate and install a quiet, efficient system. Alternate Energys has earned the distinction of the Fox Valley’s experts in geothermal and duct installations.

Top-notch customer service has always been the backbone of our companies. We guarantee our workmanship.

Alternate Energys is headquartered in Wrightstown, Wisconsin with primary service to Door County, Oconto County, Brown County, Outagamie County, Calumet County, Manitowoc County, Fond du Lac County and the Eastern portions of Wisconsin. Our major cities include Appleton, Green Bay, Manitowoc, Sturgeon Bay, Brookfield, Sheboygan, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Stevens Point and everywhere in between!

Why Choose Alternate Energys?

  1. IGSHPA Certified Designer & Installers
    International Ground Source Heat Pump Association certification is absolutely necessary. It’s our country’s best institution for providing quality geothermal education, installation guidelines and standards. Our installers are certified, our designers are certified and our managers are certified.
  2. Loop Field Installations
    Our certified installers provide excellent Loop Field Installations. That’s Right! We install our own loop fields. Our lines are pressure tested and verified throughout the installation process. Our crew is there.
  3. BTU Load Calculations are Performed for Every Home
    Good load calculations accurately determine geothermal unit sizing for your home. Alternate Energys designers’ take your home’s measurements and enter the data into an industry approved program. Proper measurements eliminate guesswork and sizably reduce your out of pocket cost.
  4. Round Ductwork
    Round ductwork reduces static pressure for a quieter more efficient system. It will save you moneyover the long term and make your home feel more comfortable – a lot more comfortable.
  5. Sealed Ductwork
    We seal all the ductwork joints in our systems. This additional step is important to increase yoursystems efficiency. Sealing the duct will decrease runtime to save money, extend the life of the equipment and improve air quality.
  6. Cost Comparisons
    Our IGSHPA certified design team takes the extra time to provide you with fuel and electrical cost comparisons, demonstrating the cost effectiveness of our geothermal system versus propane and natural gas furnaces. We also evaluate the electric costs and savings using the most current rates from your area.
  7. Longevity
    Alternate Energys has designed, serviced, installed and promoted geothermal systems since 2002. We are time tested with over 150 geo heat pumps sold in Wisconsin. We also provide full service to our customers 24-7-365 with a professional office location.
  8. Award Winning
    Alternate Energys has received multiple awards for our dedication, education and promotion of geothermal. We continue to be interviewed by local newspapers and referred by traditional heating contractors as the ‘Go To Guys’ for excellent geothermal installations.
  9. Service
    We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and refuse to take short cuts on your system. Alternate Energys is fully insured. Our staff takes great pride in our installations as well as our relationship with you before, during and after the installation. We’ll also provide years of quality service.
  10. It is Our Passion!