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What if I don’t have enough room for a horizontal loop?

September 18, 2012  Jerry Brown, Brown Heating & Cooling Proud Green Home http://www.proudgreenhome.com/blog/8949/What-if-I-don-t-have-enough-room-for-a-horizontal-loop   When installing a geothermal system, if there isn’t enough room for a horizontal racetrack maybe you can still get a horizontal slinky loop system to fit in the space you have. You only need 90 feet of trench per loop versus 300 feet for a racetrack. … Continue reading

Thank You!

We really appreciate our customers and most have become friends over the years. One of the best perks of being in geothermal is providing a real asset to someone’s home. Geothermal heating in Wisconsin is not only tangible but effective for both money savings of which everyone is on the prowl, and honest to goodness comfort in your home. We … Continue reading

Focus on Energy Rewards

Keep an eye out for new Focus on Energy GEOTHERMAL incentives coming back to Wisconsin. Several meetings have taken place to bring back the rebate program through Focus on Energy that supports geothermal energy for homeowners. Currently homeowners can take advantage of standard heating, cooling and hot water production incentives – all of which Alternate Energys provides. We ensure your installation … Continue reading

Clean Air

GeoComfort 4th Quarter Clean Air Promotion The World’s Most Efficient Humidifier Just Got Better! GeoComfort announces a special fourth quarter Clean Air promotion available October 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011. Homeowners will save $300 off of the installed price of an EWC® S2000 or S2020 Steam Humdifier purchased and installed in conjunction with a GeoComfort geothermal heat pump system … Continue reading

GeoComfort’s New Lifetime Warranty

    GeoComfort now offers a Limited Lifetime Compressor Warranty for additional peace of mind. This is available to all of Green Bay, Appleton and Fox Valley customers and compliments our standard 5/5/5 + 10C coverage, or can be combined with the 10-year extended warranty. All GeoComfort models are supported by the best factory warranty options the industry has to … Continue reading

Geothermal and Hot Water Baseboard Heat – Don’t Do It!

Just talked to another guy today about hot water baseboard heat and geothermal. Does it work? KINDA works. It will ‘probably’ work as long as it doesn’t get colder than 25 degrees out. Reason being is that baseboard radiant heat is designed around 160 / 180 degrees. Geothermal maxes out at 120 / 140 degrees. It’s the chink in its armor. Now, … Continue reading

Geothermal Works – Guaranteed!

There are many conventional HVAC contractors, builders, even home owners out there that will tell you all the reasons why geothermal DOESN’T work. You must get the facts. Talk to people who install it, understand it and most importantly, live it. You can easily design and/or install the top of the line geothermal ‘box’ in a bad situation and it will NOT perform. Likewise, … Continue reading

Poor Geothermal Installations

Alternate Energys, Inc continues to receive phone calls from unhappy ‘Geo’ customers wanting us to explain, fix or re-design there installed system and in worst case scenarios replace the Geo unit with a conventional gas system. COMPLAINTS: High electric bills System is noisy Multiple failures Poor comfort levels Installing contractor is unable to service due to lack of knowledge or … Continue reading

Commercial Cost Comparison

My cost comparison program is not responding tonight but, I can do it long hand based on the loads I have compiled. The building will consume approximately 181 million btu’s annually (heating) (NOTE: This Commercial Building is approximately 6500 square feet) HEATING SAVINGS 1 million btu’s generated using a $1.00 per therm natural gas cost and a 95% AFUE boiler … Continue reading

Sizing a Geothermal Unit

The first step in properly sizing a Geothermal system (or any system for that matter) is to generate a BTU heat loss load calculation for the structure based on the heating degree days of the area the building is being constructed. With our Geothermal installations I am not concerned with the ‘cooling’ degree days due to the dominant heating load … Continue reading