Focus on Energy Rewards

Keep an eye out for new Focus on Energy GEOTHERMAL incentives coming back to Wisconsin. Several meetings have taken place to bring back the rebate program through Focus on Energy that supports geothermal energy for homeowners.

Currently homeowners can take advantage of standard heating, cooling and hot water production incentives – all of which Alternate Energys provides. We ensure your installation qualifies.

Focus on Energy Website:

For the 2012 program, incentives are as follows:

  • 90% AFUE furnace with ECM (natural gas, propane, or oil-fired): $125
  • 95% AFUE furnace with ECM (natural gas-fired only): $275
  • Natural gas space heating boiler 90% AFUE: $300
  • Natural gas space heating boiler 95% AFUE: $400
  • Indirect water heater for space heating boiler: $100
  • Tankless water heater: 0.82 EF or greater: $100
  • Storage water heater: 0.67 EF or greater: $50
  • Condensing storage water heating 90% TE or greater: $100
  • Electric water heater 0.93 EF or greater: $25
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