Geothermal Works – Guaranteed!

There are many conventional HVAC contractors, builders, even home owners out there that will tell you all the reasons why geothermal DOESN’T work. You must get the facts. Talk to people who install it, understand it and most importantly, live it. You can easily design and/or install the top of the line geothermal ‘box’ in a bad situation and it will NOT perform. Likewise, you can install a piece (lower end, low COP, low Performance) Geothermal box in a great situation and it will perform above specifications. It’s not the ‘box’s’ fault. It’s the installation. It’s almost ALWAYS the installation.

You will know the contractors who ‘live it’ versus the ‘pretenders’ when you talk to them. When looking for factual information, spend more time with the guy that understands COP’s, Cost per Million BTU’s, Local cost per KWH, Equipment Balance Points, Cost Comparisons – If they know what they are talking about and being honest, you’ll FEEL it. It’s human nature.

If you’re looking for info, a good place to start is at IGSHPA (International ground source heat pump association)

Don’t let someone talk you out of saving some serious $$$$

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