Poor Geothermal Installations

Alternate Energys, Inc continues to receive phone calls from unhappy ‘Geo’ customers wanting us to explain, fix or re-design there installed system and in worst case scenarios replace the Geo unit with a conventional gas system.


  • High electric bills
  • System is noisy
  • Multiple failures
  • Poor comfort levels
  • Installing contractor is unable to service due to lack of knowledge or support
  • Installing contractor will not return phone calls
  • Unable to maintain temperatures in the home
  • Home owners don’t know how to operate their system
  • System installed was not what the home owner was expecting

These are all situations caused by a lack of knowledge and installation error NOT caused by the box itself, no matter the brand. This is why Alternate Energys prides itself on training, training, and training. We have 5 staff members with the IGSHPA (International ground source heat pump association) certification. We also have countless weeks of brand specific training on service and proper installation techniques and we include our outside sales & design staff. I would challenge you to find ANY other Geothermal contractor in the State of Wisconsin with the same. As I have said before, ‘It is our Passion’.

Like in any facet of business, there is a learning process. We’ve been through that process with over 160 units installed and all operating properly, saving our customers a great deal of $$$ and to back it up, we have a lengthy referral list which we are happy to provide to anyone. We stand behind our work with a 100% guarantee and a TRUE, lifetime warranty on all workmanship provided. With that being said, I am very proud to say we have NEVER had one of our systems removed. (Not to say we haven’t been through the learning process, WE HAVE!) Point is…we’ve been through the learning process!!! MOST IMPORTANTLY, while ‘learning’ we have never charged more than the quoted amount, many times to the dismay of my lovely bride.

In closing, how do you find the right Geothermal contractor?

You just did!

Follow these simple guidelines:

  • 50 installed systems or more (That’s what it takes if you have the passion)
  • Offering a referral list (and call them)
  • Sales, design, installer and helper are all IGSHPA certified personnel (training, training and training)
  • Do they believe or is it just a ‘job’? (Geo really does work)
  • Do they install their own loop fields (the loop field is the heart beat of the system)
  • Do they track energy consumption (how do you know if it’s performing to spec)
  • Do they perform Load Calculations (and believe them?)(Homes are tighter now, lowering the normalized ACH. It’s no longer .3 or .5 ACH)
  • Do they ‘over-size’ (CYA) (Bigger is NOT better in the Geo world)
  • Do they design a system based on the needs and wants of the customer (Not just what Geo system ‘they’ are familiar with)
  • Do they offer a 10 year, parts and labor warranty (these are 30 year systems)
  • Are they all inclusive (excavation, electrical, light weight over pour, spray-foam insulation, duct sealing, dual fuel systems, radiant systems, describing pro & cons)
  • Do they offer ‘legitimate’ cost comparisons and explain them (I can make a mountain of manure look like a flower garden)
  • Do they offer dual stage equipment (this should ‘almost’ always be mandatory)
  • Are they familiar with utility programs (this is important in system design regarding savings)

Please feel free to contact us if you have a POOR GEOTHERMAL INSTALLATION, or you would like a price from a company that truly understands and has a passion for Geothermal systems.

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