Radiant Floors

Radiant or in floor heating is becoming the new standard for heating. For most people, a warm concrete slab in their basement is the cat’s meow. This luxury is also available to your home’s main floor and second floors. Perfect under ceramic tile, stone or wood flooring but a dense carpet is not recommended.

Here’s how it works: warm water circulates through tubing. Since water is denser than air and can transport 3,200 times more heat per cubic foot, it can circulate slowly, evenly and silently providing warm toes year round. Radiant heat on its own can have a 40 percent savings over traditional heating systems. Combine that savings with a geothermal unit and your utility savings and comfort would be even greater.

Radiant Heat Solutions Benefit Allergy Sufferers

Radiant heat eliminates airborne allergens, like dust mites, dirt and irritants hidden in your carpet as there is no fan motor turning on to circulate the air and stir up particles. In addition, there is no ductwork in the house to harbor dust or indoor pollution of any kind.

Installation Options for Radiant Floors
(Pictures Courtesy of Mr. Pex)

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