Thank You!

We really appreciate our customers and most have become friends over the years. One of the best perks of being in geothermal is providing a real asset to someone’s home. Geothermal heating in Wisconsin is not only tangible but effective for both money savings of which everyone is on the prowl, and honest to goodness comfort in your home.

We want to give a shout out to friends of ours. Joel and Batima contracted Alternate Energys to provide a geothermal system for their home years ago. Like many of our customers, they have carved out a unique place within Alternate Energys. Here is what they wanted to express – and this was genuinely out of the blue.

We love Alternate Energys!

Living in our 1931 remodeled farm house in a summer like this with a system installed by Alternate Energys has been nothing less than sweet.

No matter how hot the days and nights were, all we felt was the gentle cool air from our geothermal system.

Having such a luxury makes us feel very thankful that we can live with this privilege.

Life just doesn’t get any better than living with a trouble free geothermal energy system.

Thank you Alternate Energy for being a part of our days ………….and nights.

Joel and Bettina

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